Belinda MacDonald

A Kiwi food personality who lives and breathes her passion for vibrant, fun and flavourful food!

Growing up on a lifestyle farm in Cambridge NZ, from  a young age, Belinda was inspired by her mother and fathers self-sufficiency, the garden; plantings, foraging, milking the house cow, spending hours in the kitchen cooking stirred her passion from a young age!

Belinda graced our screens on TV on the first My Kitchen Rues (MKR) NZ series 1 in 2014 and co-WON the title for her own unique, boldly flavoured style of cooking combinations, where she showcased how food can be rich and indulging but also fiercely healthy at the same time!! From there she became co-author of her first sell out cookbook My Green Kitchen and has just launched her new global KETO book "Flavourbomb" which is out now!

Belinda has always been a passionate foodie, after high school completed an international advanced diploma in Hotel Management and then decided to travel and work around the world as she believed you have to taste a culture to really understand it.

When her 3 daughters came along it was time to settle into a 9-3 job, so she decided to retrain as a secondary school teacher, specialising in food technology and hospitality as she realised early on that her gift to her children and the community would be to empower about the importance of nutrition, wellbeing and eating sustainability, seasonally and locally creating a brighter future for all.

Since winning MKR, Belinda has tempted the community with local foodie columns, TV appearances, live cooking demonstrations, Keto food vlogging, collaborating with NZs finest producers and had the privilege of cooking at international foodie retreats as well as opening up N.Zs first ‘pop-up’ organic bone broth bar serving wellness shots and tinctures of gorgeous healing fire cider and beautiful infused butter bombs. Recently she has become a creative culinary consultant for 5 different food establishments, where her passion for sharing is assisting unique hospitality teams with their seasonal menu designs and delicious creations giving them the ‘flavourbomb treatment’, all while supporting local growers and producers!

“I love my job; Food is EVERYTHING: I love to cook, travel, write, style, photograph and eat, connecting people together…all spread with laughter, a pinch of kindness and a whole lot of YUM!”

This website is a colourful collection of home cooked global recipes, inspiration and the adventures that create its own unique path…it’s for those with an interest in good food and seasonal cooking… njoy the ride – you’ll will be coming back for more!
Big LOVES xx


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