Gooey baked camembert with medicinal blackberries & roasted pistachios

So simple, so good!! These berries can be foraged, fresh or frozen. They burst sweet and sour notes and are perfect accompaniment to roast duck, grilled salmon, BBQ lamb, bitter greens, sexy charred pumpkin, whatever!! But I love them simply with cheese xx

One Litre of Apple Cider Vinegar or CCV coconut cider vinegar (with the mother)
Wild Blackberries

Gather the berries on a fine day, stalk them, put into pot and cover with a good quality vinegar. Let them stand for 1-2 days to draw out the juice. Serve the berries drained from the vinegar on top of a baked wheel of cheese (about 5-10 minutes in a moderate oven till soft to the touch and add some crunchy seedy crackers or crushed nuts on top. Use a lick of maple syrup of you desire more of a sweeter note!

TIP With the remaining pink vinegar, you can use as is or bring the mixture to the boil and simmer until the liquid has reduced and becomes syrupier. If there is any scum that comes to the surface, just skim it off. Set aside to cool completely. If you want sweet ā€˜nā€™ sour vinegar you could then add some sweetener of your choice, mix well, a half mixture ensures your medicine will be preserved. Sterilise a suitable bottle by boiling it in water and decant your blackberry vinegar into bottles. Cap tightly and refrigerate.


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